[ækt] 1. verb
1) (to do something: It's time the government acted to lower taxes.) ukrepati
2) (to behave: He acted foolishly at the meeting.) vesti se
3) (to perform (a part) in a play: He has acted (the part of Romeo) in many theatres; I thought he was dying, but he was only acting (= pretending).) igrati
2. noun
1) (something done: Running away is an act of cowardice; He committed many cruel acts.) dejanje
2) ((often with capital) a law: Acts of Parliament.) ukrep
3) (a section of a play: `Hamlet' has five acts.) dejanje
4) (an entertainment: an act called `The Smith Family'.) veseloigra
- actor
- act as
- act on
- act on behalf of / act for
- in the act of
- in the act
- put on an act
* * *
I [ækt]
delo; dejanje; zakon, listina; svečanost; sodba; teza za disertacijo
act of bravery — junaško dejanje
act and deed — uradna listina, obveznost
Act of God — višja sila
Act of Grace — pomilostitev
act of hostility — sovražno dejanje
in act — v resnici, dejansko
in the (very) act — pri (samem) dejanju (zasačen)
Act of Oblivion — pomilostitev
to put on an act — zaigrati komedijo
II [ækt]
transitive verb
igrati, predstavljati; hliniti;
intransitive verb
delovati, služiti, vesti se; (on na) vplivati; (upon po) ravnati se; pretvarjati se
to act out — naturalistično zaigrati
to act out of character — zmesti se
to act a part — imeti vlogo
to act upon s.o.'s advice — ravnati se po nasvetu koga
to act up to one's reputation — ravnati, kakor smo pričakovali

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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